Good Grief Fridays

Good Grief Fridays

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Monday 9PM - 10PM


Reuben Mosley

Reuben Mosley is a natural born leader who has a heart to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life. Reuben is an exemplary model of what inspiration looks like in the flesh. He is a devoted man of God, husband, father and well known business man. Reuben began the journey of motivational and inspirational speaking long before he knew the conventional title associated with what he was doing. He has spoken on formal platforms ranging from church engagements, radio, podcasts and Brothers Network Ministry to less formal platforms, such as simply depositing seeds of inspiration in people while working. For Mr. Mosley the platform doesn’t matter, his message to help heal the hurting is the key. His message took on a more personal and formal turn after losing his best friend, confidant and the love of his life, his wife Angela Mosley. Angela transitioned on August 8, 2021 leaving Reuben with a gaping hole in his heart and life. Reuben has had his share of overcoming personal loss over the years; losing his mother and two brothers and now being the sole survivor of his immediate family. The loss of Angela hit completely different and nothing prepared him for the challenges to come. During the initial phases of grieving the loss of Angela, he was challenged with a simple but loaded question. WHAT DOES GRIEF LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? It was then that Good Grief Friday emerged from Reuben’s pain and prayer. As he began to process and channel his grief, he felt convicted to help others deal with their grief in a positive and healthy manner. Reuben believes that healing from grief is a process and you must trust God and the process. He truly desires to touch and inspire as many people as he can using a plethora of media platforms. He understands and wants others to understand that you can’t heal if you pretend you aren’t hurt. Reuben has been called and has answered the calling to be an anchor and support for individuals in seasons of loss and grief.

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