God’s Warriors

God’s Warriors

On Studio B

Saturday 12PM - 1PM


  • Pastor J.C.
  • Pastor C.H.

  • God’s Warriors! We come to you, to spread the gospel with feel-good gospel music, inspirational words, and exciting guests. These two women are commissioned by God to spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Clemons is the founder and Senior Pastor of Love and Unity Interdenominational Church (Non-Profit). She is an ordained minister and was ordained in 1990. Pastor Clemons has set up many ministries over the years and received her Bachelors in Evangelism. Pastor Clemons loves to teach the gospel, minister the word of God, interact with the congregation, feed, and minister to the homeless, visit the nursing homes, MC gospel programs, and encourage others she might meet. Pastor Clemons has served 5 years in community radio and is looking to continue to share her journey with all that will listen. She is the President of the minister’s department for the Dallas Quartet Singing Chapter #3. She holds many offices throughout local, state, and national conventions. Co-Host Pastor Cathy Hamilton has worked with Pastor Clemons in the ministry starting at the age of 25. She loves to work with the youth department and teach young ladies how to become respectable young women. She helps with the elderly as well as the homeless, she loves to encourage others as she ministers. She was called by God into the ministry to help spread his love and wisdom and was licensed on April 23, 2019. She is now working side by side with Pastor Clemons to teach the world about God and all the good he can do in your life. They will share their testimonies of what God has done for them and how having God in their lives has enhanced their lives. They love God and will serve him faithfully always.

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