Encouraging Word

Encouraging Word

On the Studio C

Saturday 3PM - 4PM


  • Eric Jones
  • Barbara Jones

  • How are you encouraged? What motivates you to push forward through all obstacles and prosper- come out on top and soar like an eagle?
    Many times, all it takes is an encouraging word.
    Prepare yourself to receive love, motivation and guidance via our show. Tune into the two-time award nominated ENCOURAGING WORD RADIO SHOW.  This space offers you words of praise, worship, inspiration and support to uplift, vitalize, embolden and fortify God’s main vessel: YOU.
    With hosts, Eric and Barbara Jones; these associate pastors take you to a place of absolutely spiritual empowerment.
     Pastor Eric and Barbara Jones have been in ministry for 20+ years spreading encouraging words in bountiful amounts.
    Their message is simple:  We love God,  We love ministry. Our heart’s desire is to encourage believers and simultaneously reaching the lost. Check out our show and live in your determination to not give up. With us by your side and God’s love- no hurdle is too arduous to overcome.
    So, are you encouraged? Find out with Encouraging Word.

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