Divorce Talk with Twyla

Divorce Talk with Twyla

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Twyla M. Marks

Throughout life we go through things that we don’t even realize is a set up for a blessing in the future. For many, we see a bad situation as exactly that, a bad situation and fail to see the silver lining. For me, however, I went the opposite route, I made my shortcomings become my biggest blessing.

I believe the things that I have gone through have set me up to be an influence in someone else’s life. The trials and tribulations that I have endured throughout my life journey have allowed me to walk into my purpose and destiny; to help others get through and see the silver lining in their own personal situations.

This is not about financial gain, but rather the passion I have to touch lives with the words given to me through God and the training that I have received to become a Certified Life Coach.

I’ve always known that I had a special calling on my life and that God allowed me to go through so much, not for my own life lessons but to be a blessing to someone else.

My life’s motto is “GET YOUR HAPPY BACK” after divorce it’s not the END, it’s just a new beginning so let’s partner together to help you start your journey to recover from divorce.

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