Conversations on Candy Lane

Conversations on Candy Lane

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Thursday 6PM - 7PM


Dr. Candace Williams

Dr. Williams is a native of Virginia who by hearing the word of the Lord transitioned to Dallas TX in 2012 to fulfill a part of her destiny on this journey called LIFE.  She is the founder and host of the newly television broadcast called “CONVERSATIONS ON CANDY LANE” that was launched in February 2016 on UANETWORK.TV.  This is a movable, motivational ministry that is designed to evoke conversations that IGNITE and stimulate the mind for upward mobility. Dr. Williams stays in her OWN  God-given LANE bringing forth thought-provoking topics that address the total needs of the soul-spirit man through the vehicle of conversations.
Dr. Williams is an assignment driven anointed woman of God who lives within the boundaries of the BIBLE. She is an intercessor, preacher, teacher, motivator, and inspiration to many. Her goal is to reach people with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the vehicle of multi-media streams. Dr. Williams earned her Ph.D. in Theology in 2008. However, she doesn’t allow dots before or after her name to define her. She understands life consists not in the abundance of the things which one can possess (Luke 12:15), but in the life that one lives. Therefore, she remains content and down to earth with a heavenly message that brings hope and encouragement to all.
TUNE IN to Conversations on Candy Lane as we take flight on talk radio FBRN.US – “CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD”. Philippians’ 1:27 – Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ…
Your life will never be the same…
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