Coffee Talk with Carrie

Coffee Talk with Carrie

On the Green Bowl

Saturday 11AM - 1PM


Carrie Harris

A former pageant queen and Massachusetts native, Carrie Harris is no stranger to radio and broadcasting.

Her passion for all things communications came from an internship her senior year of college, where the DJ took her under his wing and mentored and fostered her passion.

As the years progressed, she changed careers, but always ended up back on air whether as a guest or a co-host. Later, Carrie became a video blogger ( You can find her as “City Girl Faith” on social media platforms). This is where she realized her calling; to inspire other women to take faith leaps into their purpose.

Her passion for this is what birthed ” Coffee Talk With Carrie.” Which is a show that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit of a woman so they too can walk boldly into their purpose.

You can catch “Coffee Talk With Carrie” every Saturday beginning September 21st from 11am-1pm CST.

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