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In the dynamic world of custom home construction, one name stands out as a shining example of expertise and innovation: “Stacie Stewart”. As the visionary CEO and Founder of BWI Contractors, Stacie’s pioneering contributions in luxury custom homes have etched an unforgettable imprint across the landscape of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. With over two decades of experience, Stacie has gracefully navigated the tumultuous tides of the real estate industry, emerging as a triumphant trailblazer. From gracing the pages of distinguished publications such as the Fort Worth Business Press to receiving the esteemed Quest for Success Award, Stacie Stewart is more than a success story she’s an inspiring force that redefines possibilities. Beyond her stellar achievements in construction, she’s also embraced the role of mentor, empowering aspirants to realize their own dreams of triumph. 


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Stacie’s journey, born in Venezuela and shaped across Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, culminated in Dallas where she founded BWI Contractors. Through expert property rehab and flipping, she carved a reputation for integrity-driven home construction, defying gender norms in a male-dominated industry. Transitioning from lending to building, she mastered real estate investments, transforming distressed properties into profitable ventures with unwavering dedication to integrity.

Despite facing personal and financial crises during the real estate crash, including homelessness and domestic violence charges, Stacie’s resilience propelled her forward. Now, she shares her expertise through consulting, empowering aspiring builders with her knowledge. Balancing motherhood and business, her story embodies the triumph of determination, offering hope and guidance for those navigating their own paths to success.

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