Breaking The Cycle Hosted by Alan Heide

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Breaking the Cycle
Unraveling Stories, Shifting Perspectives, and Inspiring Change.Welcome to “Breaking the Cycle,” the podcast that delves into the transformative journey of recovery, spirituality, faith, mental health, and personal growth. In each episode, we explore the daily lessons and principles that form the foundation of 12-step recovery programs, and Therapy. Through heartfelt conversations, personal stories, and expert insights, “Breaking the Cycle” provides a supportive space for listeners to gain valuable perspectives on overcoming challenges and fostering personal development.
Hosted by Alan Heide, LMFT #106364. Alan is a mental health therapist who has been practicing in a clinical setting for 11 years. Alan brings a relatable approach to therapy and encourages anyone and everyone to reach out for support with their daily struggles. Alan believes in sharing experiences, encouraging strength in others and striving for hope, even during life’s most difficult moments.

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Breaking The Cycle Hosted by Alan Heide

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