Black Tea Sip

Black Tea Sip

On the Grey Bowl

Friday 11AM - 1PM


Coy Murchison

Coy Murchison is the host of the Black Tea Sip. She sips power, to tell the truth. Black Tea Sip was born from the desire to talk about the issues that form the Black life experience. Her humor and her ability to look at things with a wide lens create a passionate and informative discussion for Black Tea Sip listeners. The show examines perspectives of culture, economics, business, education and politics from a multi-cultural up-close and personal view. Listeners favorite segment is often the IntelliNegro segment when Coy and her guest take a real and vivid look at the world around us. The show’s guest range from business leaders, political gurus to civil rights leaders. Coy, native Dallasite, grew up in local politics. Her family’s legacy includes the first Black Mayor Pro Tem for the Dallas, TX, Albert Lipscomb, and Civil Rights leader A. Maceo Smith. She owns and operates a boutique consulting company in which she provides counsel and strategies in business development, HIPAA privacy and security, and Coy serves as a political strategist for Dallas county elected officials, and candidates.

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