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Author’s Lounge

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  • Sheryl Grace
  • Lynda Jones-Mubarak

  • Dr. Lynda Mubarak is a native Texan. She was born in Mart, TX and raised in Waco and Ft. Worth. Lynda graduated from P.L. Dunbar HS in Ft. Worth. She is a retired special education teacher and facilitator and has served as a crisis intervention teacher, student teacher supervisor, and private school administrator. She earned a BS in Education from TCU, M.Ed. from Texas Wesleyan University, and a doctorate in education from Nova SE University. She and husband, Kairi, live in Ft. Worth, TX. She loves to travel, live theater, and crossword puzzles!

    Sheryl is a Louisiana native currently residing in North Texas. Sheryl began her love for writing in high school.  Her inspiration to become a writer was prompted after reading Maya Angelou’s, “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.   She continued her love for writing in college where she wrote fluid poetry.  After graduating with a degree in Mental Health Counseling, she began her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Through her life and work experiences, characters begin to formulate in her head that she had to share.  The desire to create a female character that could overcome even the worse of life events, filled her day and night dreams.  Her debut novel “He Calls Her Blue” has received numerous five star reviews and this is just the beginning.

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