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Hank Thorpe

All of the Above radio, saving the world two hours at a time since May 2012.

All of the Above radio is part music (indie and alternative at its best), part talk (Curb your Enthusiasm with a touch of Frasier), and full escapism (minimal politics, even less religion, just entertainment).

Winner of Fishbowl radio’s 2013 Red Bowl show of the year, its combination of music and talk is free-flowing, fun and thought-provoking. Your long commutes, house cleaning or workday is about to be made better by adding All of the Above radio to it.

Hank Thorpe is your host and chief storyteller. He’s a self-proclaimed concert addict, foodie, social commentator, dollar store psychologist and sports fan. His background, education, experiences and life outlook help to create All of the Above’s slightly off-center perspective. Hank has gotten into and out of countless strange situations and believes that the best stories require no exaggeration. Put mildly, Jerry Seinfeld would be jealous of some of Hank’s exploits. And he isn’t shy to tell you about any of them!

Hank’s passion is music and drug of choice is human interaction. Thanks in part to the stories he tells, the passion he exhibits and the music he plays, Hank was chosen as the 2015 FishBowl Radio Male Host of the year. Whether it’s the personality of the award-winning host or the music you hear, All of the Above is about to be your new favorite show.

Listen Tuesdays from 1p-3p or download the show from iTunes and you’ll understand.

Name:  Hank Thorpe

I live in (city/state): North Dallas, TX

My favorite music artist: Far too many to pick one.

My favorite sports team: New York Giants, Texas Rangers, New Jersey Devils

My favorite color: Whatever color looks good on me. So there’s many.

My favorite movie: Snatch, American Beauty, The Hangover

My favorite book: Books? Meh.

My favorite food: All of it!



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