The Xsedus Factor

The Xsedus Factor

On the Red Stream

Tuesday 9PM - 11PM


  • Xsedus
  • Big C
  • Storm
  • Roxy

  • The Xsedus Factor Radio Show is a platform for local, national, and international artists that are passionate about Jesus, people, and kingdom building, while promoting an inspiring righteous filled lifestyle. Essentially, all genres of Christian based music, (with a special emphasis on Hip Hop) will be played in our rotation. The Xsedus Factor is a 501c3 approved non profit organization, with the mission of taking the arts (music, dance, theatre etc.) into the prisons. We understand how influential music is to our culture, and how it profoundly effects our mentalities. Therefore, we believe that by presenting positive expressions of the arts we will not only transform lives, but we will also positively impact our communities. Join us on our journey as we hope to inspire yours!

    -The Xsedus Factor

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