The Finesse Podcast

The Finesse Podcast

On the Red Stream

Saturday 5PM - 7PM


  • Hollywood $lim
  • Apryl Danyelle
  • Femi
  • JT Funny
  • Bass Did It
  • TxTrill

  • Tune In every week as these six diverse personalities, whom may or may not have it all together, give you an uncut and uncensored outlook into their world.

    Stories and opinions which are real, raw and sometimes raunchy regarding their friendship, their life, entertainment as well as everything in between.

    Laugh as they hilariously tackle everyday adult struggles, fight, fuss, and use their reality as comedy all while trying to remain friends.

    This is The Finesse!

    Ya”ll got to love us, we’re not accepting anything less!

    Listen to them #FinesseTheWaves every Saturday from 5:00pm CST – 7:00pm CST on Fishbowl Radio Network’s Red Bowl #JumpIn!

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