The Emergency Show

The Emergency Show

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Thursday 5PM - 7PM


  • Tha Cognizer
  • Tha Synthesizer

  • “Tha Cognizer” is a Dallas native and DISD alumnus. A Rice University graduate, he hails from South Oak Cliff. He has various professional experience, with time in the “Big 4” accounting firms and claims [insurance] as his longest-standing roles. A world-traveler, Tha Cognizer has been on all but one continent and has never found an interesting conversation disinteresting. He hopes to raise money and generate interest in the plights of many people whose problems are more widespread than is commonly held. “We have all had support and need it on an ongoing basis. There isn’t enough of it and our efforts represent only one more step in the right direction.”

    “Tha Synthesizer” is a Dallas native and current co-host of “Hip Hop Across The Board”. For years on the Dallas scene, Tha Synthesizer was well-known for her rap skills, which landed her squarely in the Dallas Hip Hop scene during a renaissance that is still today bearing fruit. Her is an interesting and well-curated collection of insight and solutions to help visitors live life to the fullest. She hopes to bring attention to what is less well appreciated in all situations. In doing this, she believes she will fulfill her calling to help the most people, most of the time.

    “The Emergency Show” is a weekly call-in talk show that presents a case each week for audience support. The case candidate is kept anonymous, and non-identifying interview information is presented live on the show. Each case concerns a candidate whose circumstances and resulting needs have been pre-selected for presentation to the show radio audience in efforts to encourage financial support of $1-$5 per listener for the sake of helping to resolve the needs of that case. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and donations made are tax-deductible. In addition, experts in areas that concern the details of the cases we present, newsmakers, and the notable will all come along to take our conversations and solutions to the next level. Tune in to be educated, entertained, and uplifted and to help someone in need!

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