The Donna Patrick Show

The Donna Patrick Show

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Donna Patrick

Donna Patrick is the award-winning Author of At All Times, and It’s in Your Praise! Accolades include:

  • Winner of the Henri Award, 2013 Christian Literary Awards in the Devotional category for At All Times;
  • Winner of the Reader’s Choice Award, 2015 Christian Literary Awards in the Devotional category for It’s In Your Praise!

Tune in to hear all this and more every Monday from 1-2pm in the Blue Bowl on FBRN.US.

Donna Patrick is a powerful worship leader, musician, speaker and author. Her show is radical, in that she confronts topics concerning worship ministry that the church-at-large doesn’t generally confront.  For example, worship is more than just great music, lights, smoke, cameras, and color.

Her passion is teaching and training in worship ministry; better understanding, greater growth, and life-changing commitment to daily worship.

Visit her website for more information on her ministry, book her to speak at your event, or purchase a copy of her books.

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