The Dash Between

The Dash Between

On the Red Stream

Wednesday 7PM - 9PM


Coby Cotton

What is the dash you ask? The dash represents our timeline between birth and death. The dash between is a new and fresh radio talk show where we will talk bout every day life and living and how to make better use of our dash. The real question here is what are you going to do and accomplish with it. So I want to try to help us bring new meaning to our dash as we talk about every day issues and give advice on how to make better use of the time God has given us. As a certified life coach I help everyday people with relationship issues, self-esteem and image, spiritual maturity, and making better choices in life and to uplift us as people. I want to do my part in helping create a better future to look forward to for our next generation. I believe life should be and can be lived to its fullest potential if we have a stable foundation which starts wit a great connection wit God himself. So let’s bring new meaning to your dash. Tune in Wednesdays 7-9pm cst on the fish Bowl network red bowl. Let’s bring new meaning to your DASH.

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