The Business Doctor

The Business Doctor

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Friday 11AM - 1PM

Meet Medicines Business Expert, Christopher Hettich—

The Business Doctor brings healthcare consumers the INSIDE SECRETS of the Business of Medicine and helps consumers SAVE MONEY with their healthcare expenses. The #1 thing consumers lack is the knowledge of a complex healthcare industry, and The Business Doctor seeks to change that.



From an early age as a sophomore in high school, Chris saw the struggles his mother faced when battling cancer. In addition to the physical struggle, she faced long wait times, little time with the doctor, non-courteous staff, and poor customer service. This fueled Chris to change that. What he didn’t realize though it would take changing an entire industry and not just processes, but people’s behavior.


Having spent more than a decade in healthcare and offering a rare blend of business expertise, Chris is recognized for his ability to analyze and adapt quickly to situations and offer turnaround solutions and strategic growth plans to improve top-line growth, bottom-line growth, and the customer experience.


With expertise in reimbursement policy, analytics, process improvement, and technology design and architecture, Chris set forth a mission to change the paradigm in healthcare and bring adopted processes from other industries to healthcare. Today, Chris leads StarHealth Group, a dynamic Healthcare Management and Technology company that helps healthcare providers operate their business more effectively and deliver a better experience to consumers.

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