The Breakthrough with Justina

The Breakthrough with Justina

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Monday 6PM - 7PM


Justina Ingram

Justina has carried on a love for fitness for almost a decade. Her passion for fitness has allowed her to touch people’s lives that struggle with self-issues. While overcoming many struggles in her life, Justina has found the courage to share her story and encourage women who have experienced similar issues, if not more. Justina recently kicked off her lifestyle coaching business, BeYOUnique, to cater to women and encourage self-love. Her movement Breaking Barriers, allows her to exercise women empowerment in numerous ways whether it is speaking out and teaching or running boot camps for women.


Breaking Barriers is a movement created to celebrate the internal victories made by women every day.  Justina’s focus is to praise women for overcoming obstacles they once believed were impossible.  Her passion has allowed her to motivate women to exceed their abilities, both internally and externally.


Her show ‘The Breakthrough with Justina Ingram’ will give listeners the opportunity to hear breakthroughs, open discussions and learn about how to handle day to day issues that women face and how to best approach them. This show is also for listeners who want to SPEAK or reveal what has troubled them for years or most of their life. When it comes to knowing how to love yourself, dealing with trauma and finding happiness, women have the most difficulties finding their way. Women are encouraged to speak their truths and break free from any bondage.

This show will be an outlet for listeners to gain understanding on the “why” in certain matters and also learn from guest or myself on ways we have experienced pain, hurt, abandonment, loneliness, shame, guilt and much more. There will be a segment in the show where Justina allows listeners and viewers online to ask questions and receive feedback and helpful direction from Justina and guest. The objective is for people to speak out and ultimately have a breakthrough or revelation.

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