The Alston Collab Money Talk

The Alston Collab Money Talk

On the Grey Stream

Wednesday 11AM - 1PM


Derey Alston

Derey Alston is a native of Arlington, Texas.  He received his degree in Business Administration from Hampton University, in Hampton, Virginia.  Derey has over 8 years of experience working in the Financial Services Industry.  He served as a Registered Investment Advisor with a credible firm such as Edward Jones Investments, and also worked with TIAA (Teacher’s Insurance & Annuity Association) (Fortune 100) as a Wealth Management Consultant working directly with high net worth individuals.  Derey is currently a full time entrepreneur and founder of The Alston Collaborative Group; seeking to provide quality content in regard to financial literacy, personal growth & development, and entrepreneurship.


The Alston Collab Money Talk will focus on the importance of financial education, as well as success and personal growth & development.  We will collaborate with positive individuals, highlight positive success stories, and create a positive atmosphere.  The Alston Collab Money Talk will provide quality content, with a small dose of music in between.

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