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Talk Live with Lezlee

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Lezlee Liljenberg

As a specialist in the insurance and financial industries, Lezlee Liljenberg captivates audiences with her honest and enthusiastic approach.  With thirty years experience of working with people to make the best decisions, Lezlee Liljenberg is able to provide a wealth of ideas and strategies for business, financial and insurance opportunities.


Lezlee has learned in the trenches and has diversified her career to numerous areas of business.  However, there has always been one Focus-Taking the fear out of change and decision-making. Taking risk is not easy for anyone, yet Lezlee emphasizes the necessity to take risk in order to grow personally, spiritually and financially.


Since graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master of Arts degree, Liljenberg has been training employees and teaching students through seminars, workshops and as an instructor in both the Tarrant and Dallas County College Systems.


She lives by the motto “Knowledge is Power” and implements this philosophy within her business, Liljenberg Financial Services and as the Radio Show host of Talk Live with Lezlee.  Her passion for her work and people supports her goal of sharing research-based and “cutting edge” information with others.  Lezlee understands that people hesitate to make changes.  By helping others better understand their circumstances, it removes the unknowns and opens new horizons.  This in turn, creates a positive, educated decision-making experience.

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