Shuug’s Pillow Talk

Shuug’s Pillow Talk

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  • Shuug’s Pillow Talk with Shona & Rodney was founded by Shuug Johnson on September 2015. Thnis a place where you can have intimate adult conversation about things you talk about when in bed with your mate. From relationships to sex talk, rated PG13 to X rated; we talk about it all. So, come on in, relax and let’s have some Pillow Talk.


    Shana a 35 year old veteran model who has graced the run way from her native town Dallas Fort Worth to the runways of Atlanta. Shana is a published model; Curvy Connect Magazine. Although Shana loves to model shes always had a passion for acting.Shana was an extra in Charter High (2015) 9 Lives written by Talitha Cumi Burris 2015 Shana has attended workshops/acting classes with the incredible Laterras R. Whitfield (2015-2016) These are just a few of the accolades for Shana with many on the horizons. Shana is a certified Life Coach,actress, entrepreneur,and radio personality.

    But the passion for entertaining runs deep! In 2016 Shana was blessed with the opportunity to be Host/Moderator of an online talk show “The Real & True” This alone has opened doors to many great endeavors including but not limited to radio interviews, speaking engagements and co-hosting radio segments. Shuug’s Pillow Talk with Mz. Mims & Donte will be BIG!!

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