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  • Lady V
  • NuBreed Naudia

  • Life Coach Lady V is the Ultimate Go-Getter. She is intentionally living on purpose and dedicated to serving people, With a Passion, that needs No Introduction. Humbly Blessed Wise Beyond Years.

    Coming from a place of experience, trial and error were her Best Teacher; but the with the Glory of God, her Perseverance and tendency to go above and beyond her own limitations; She’s easily an inspiration, but the true gems are her hilariously quick witted reactions and responses to the every-day-life situations we all seem to deal with! Her spirit of excellence can both encourage and snap the Reality back into any circumstance. And with those credentials; there is no question as to how or why; She’s the Primary Host, Creator and Producer of Fishbowl Radio Network’s RealityRadio.


    As a Inspirational Life Coach, Minister, Mother of four, Relationship Expert, Blogger, and Author of Married in Holy Drama-a Faith Based Fiction intent on Bridging the Gap in Divorces-Life Coach Lady V’s Daily Words of Wisdom and Upfront Humor, are bound to: Uplift Encourage and Entertain her listeners.

    Life Coach Lady V’s inspiration is on point every Tuesday from 7PM-9PM.


    Ambitious. Opinionated. and Witty.

    NuBreed Naudia  is all about teaching anyone who will listen: That being a Young Diva for Jesus is the best decision she could’ve ever made. With a Passion for reaching out to Young Women and serving others with her gifts, NuBreed Naudia is ahead of the game; Refer back to the name  “NuBreed” or “NewBreed”

    NuBreed Naudia’s comedic and inquisitive nature gives way to a fresh approach an enticing perspective on how to push through our daily struggles in Relationships, Social Media and Fashion by Faith.

    History, Science, Politics, World Events, and how it all ties back in to God-You Name it ! She’s got the scoop and insight to open the eyes and minds of this generation and then some!


    NuBreed Naudia is a Aspiring Actress, Blogger, Fashionista, and Activist,  who just so happens to not only be, the Co-Producer of Fishbowl Network’s RealityRadio; but also Life Coach Lady V’s  Multitalented “MiniMe” Aka her daughter!

    Find out how she stays “In Christ and Fly, All At The Same Time” Every Tuesday Night 7-9 pm CST

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