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On Da Porch

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Jazzy Jolie

The self-proclaimed underground queen, Jazzy Jolie, was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. While attending W.T. White High school, she naturally gravitated towards music for its calming vibes and its ability to make any situation just a little bit better. She was a fan of all genres, but of course growing up in the south, her love for chopped and screwed music outshined them all. Now her goal is to keep chopped and screwed music alive and relevant by creating “On Da Porch” in support of the screw community.


In Jasmine’s spare time she adores spending time with her husband along with her four adorable daughters. They love to travel to France every now and then to catch up with family and friends. Jasmine has spent many years in the rewarding field of cosmetology. She loves making women feel and look younger by a simple change of hairstyle and makeup as it enhances their natural beauty. She has had the opportunity to bring women tears of joy just by looking at the mirror and adoring their transformations. Her plan is to merge beauty and radio by incorporating beauty and beau of the week; along with beauty tips of the day to give her listeners a boost of confidence.


Jasmine hopes her show will gain respect from listeners and viewers across the world who all share the love for Texas and Southern rap. So sit back and let’s show them how we do it in the south.

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