Just Sayin’ Talk Radio

Just Sayin’ Talk Radio

On the Grey Stream

Wednesday 5PM - 7PM


  • Rachel Garret
  • Brisa Marie
  • Tristan Washington

  • Just Sayin’ is far from your average radio show! Just Sayin’ Radio does more than just tell you news, they tell you like it is. hosts Hazel and Brisa Marie are not afraid to keep it real by basically saying what you were all ready thinking. Covering topics from the latest music, celebrity updates and real life struggles of being a millienual. Just Sayin Radio allow upcoming artists from indie to hip hop to be featured on the show for a chance to be heard by millions.These Texan girls are just trying to make it, they understand hard-work and the come up in this crazy world. With Brisa Maire’s wit and Hazel’s blunt sense of humor, these two will sure to keep the news entertaining.

    So you don’t want to miss our show on the Fishbowl Radio Network, Just Sayin’!

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