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LaKeisha Cochrane

Keisha Cochrane is a recording artist, songwriter, worship leader, blogger, Bible student, family member, friend, and more.  However, at the core of her identity, she is a worshipper of Jesus Christ! In all that she does, her desire is to inspire people toward a greater awareness of God’s presence and His perfect love. Given that her first personal encounter with God was in her home during her early teens, the common thread of her message is that God can be reached by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.

Having overcome depression, heartbreak, and many other struggles, Keisha has developed an understanding of just how much worship connects us to God. Worship is much more than singing, dancing, playing instruments, attending church, and other outward things. While it is much deeper than that, it is also less complicated than what some may think. It’s about having a daily, practical friendship with God in a way that empowers us to live happy, healthy, and effective lives. The heart of iWorship Radio is to awaken everyone, believers and non-believers, to that fulfilling reality!

iWorship radio opens the platform for conversation about worship and how it impacts the various aspects of life. In a world of darkness and confusion, hopelessness and pain, Keisha and her diverse guests shine the light of Christ worldwide through prayer, conversation, laughter, live music, and sharing God’s Word. Through that, people experience the presence of God and are both encouraged and enlightened, inside out!

For more information about Keisha’s music and blogs, visit www.iamkeisha.com . To help financially with the global ministry of iWorship Radio, please click the donate link below. Thank you for supporting!

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