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Dr. Frederick D. Lewis

Lead Political Consultant, Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Lewis, is a seasoned pastor of 35 years and an experienced political consultant who grew up in the rough and tumble Illinois. He started out in politics as a teenage runner for his precinct captain in the successful election of President John F. Kennedy in 1960. He later became a Precinct Captain in Chicago under Mayor Richard J. Daley. His social action and political action influences came from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whom he marched with in the Civil Rights Movement and Rev. Corneal A. Davis who served in the Illinois House of Representatives for 36 years.

Dr. Lewis has been involved in some of the major political and social action events such as the 1963 March on Washington and the Million Man March. He was granted a Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from the A.M.E. Church for his work in the Civil Rights Movement in 1985 along with the MLK Drum Major Award.

His service and experience is not limited to serving on 20 boards and commissions, two Governor’s appointments, and service on the National Board of One Church One Child. Dr. Lewis had a broad range of contacts and can put together a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, spin doctors, tacticians, and political operatives with “boots on the ground” who work efficiently like a well-oiled political machine.

Since coming to Dallas in 1995, his service has included but is not limited to:

  • Feb. 2, 2017 Dr. Lewis selected Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Dallas County Democratic Party
  • May 1, 2013 he served as Pastor For A Day for the Texas State Senate.
  • 2012 he was a Special Honored Guest of the Texas Delegation to the Democratic National Convention.
  • 2009 to present one of the founding members of Dallas Friends of Public Education involved in educational issues and fair pay for teachers.
  • 2008 he was elected Obama Precinct Chair in precinct 3057 in the 23rd
  • 2000-2003 Resource Person for U. S. State Department in conjunction with Dallas Council on Foreign Relations. Senatorial District.
  • 2000-2003 Served on Dallas Central Appraisal Review Board.
  • In Dallas since 1995 he has been a shaper of public opinion as a freelance writer with articles appearing in several community newspapers.
  • 1996-20012 Member of the African American Pastors Coalition.
  • In Dallas he has been a behind the scenes mover and shaker and shaper of public opinion as a freelance writer for several community newspapers.
  • In 2000-2003 he was a Resource Person for the U. S. State Department in conjunction with the Dallas Chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations for visitors from other nations when they visited Dallas, Texas. Appointed to that same year and served on the Dallas Central Appraisal District Appraisal Review Board.
  • In 2008 he was elected Obama Precinct Chair in precinct 3057 of the 23rd
  • Illinois Activities Texas Senatorial District.
  • Appointed by A. M. E. Bishop Jay Haskell Mayo to the Religious Leaders Committee in the successful election of Carol Mosley Braun the first African American Woman to the United States Senate. He directed the statewide and successful effort that turned out the “church vote”.
  • Helped elect and re-elect Harold Washington the first African American Mayor of Chicago.
  • Helped elect in a statewide campaign Roland Burris to be the first African American Comptroller in the state of Illinois. He later became Attorney General of Illinois.
  • Dr. Lewis himself was the first African American in Illinois history to be elected in 1978 as a Trustee of a Community College in a multi-county race (5 full counties and parts of 2 other counties).
  • Dr. Lewis after graduating from law school was the Chief Staff Person for Business Regulations, Judiciary II, and Veterans Affairs Illinois House Committees was on the Speakers Staff of Illinois Democratic Speaker William Redmond.
  • Illinois Governor Richard Ogelvie appointed him to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Legislative Reform.
  • Illinois Governor Daniel Walker appointed him to the Governor’s Advisory Committee.

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