Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

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Melissa LaBoy “Me-La Me-Li”

This loud, New York- bred girl arrived in Dallas TX in 2007 by way of Tampa, Florida, after graduating from University of South Florida with a Psychology Degree. I currently work as a Case Manager at St. Jude Medical, and I have a passion to help the broken-hearted, give hope to the hopeless, and give to the needy. My compassion is driven by my travel journeys which began at the very young age of 17 when I joined the U.S. Army. I enjoyed learning new cultures and have a fearless spirit. I continued walking out my life with the hope to help those that need to be fed spiritually, physically and emotionally! I’ve also have had a passion to journal my life experiences; including all the joys and pains. My transparency has helped many in their times of hurts/needs, which has led me in the path of radio! Hope you enjoy!

“God, regurgitate Your wisdom into me, so that it may permeate the souls that need you!”

IG: mlaboy74

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Twitter: JAMS407

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