God, Science, Food

God, Science, Food

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Linda D’ Nise struggled with maintaining a stable healthy body weight all of her life. She used several food plans, diets, psychological approaches, 12 Step programs and prayer. Each of these provided some measure of relief but nothing was enduring until 19 months ago. She believes she “cracked the code”, finding the powerful nexus between God, Science and food and when she applied this new approach she found lasting freedom from the cravings that fueled the weight gain. This approach does not required any cost, no special foods to buy, no pills, no surgery, no psychological therapy, no spooky religious rituals, no physical exercise, no herbal supplements. This nexus is the TRUTH that sets all free from any disorder he or she faces. Linda D’ Nise is an avid Bible Student and a communications professional. Linda D’ Nise standing at 5’6 3/4″ tall, her highest weight was a little of 300 lbs and now she is a slender 133.4 lbs. She went from a size 24 dress to size 0 to 4 (depending on the designer). She went from being an insulin dependent diabetic to completely free from all medicine and diabetes symptoms. Linda D’ Nise speaks from the hip. She is straight forward, sometimes “raw”, but always deliberate. She says, “I don’t “sugar coat” anything. That goes for my food or my words. I bring the TRUTH. I have heard it said that “God is TRUTH.” I have also heard people say the TRUTH hurts. I maintain that if the TRUTH hurts you, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS GOD!!! This same TRUTH is that which makes one free!! So, I ask you, like Jesus asked the crippled man at the Pools of Bethesda, “Do you want to be healed?” All those who feel me, say “AMEN”!!”

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