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Football Whisperer

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  • The Football Whisperer

    On a regular day…

    He is a brilliant business strategist who holds an MBA and has plans to one day soon begin work on his PhD. A frequent contributor to The Huffington Post where he shares views that inspire, enlighten and empower others, he is also a published author. Highly respected in entertainment circles, the arch of his career has seen him work with the likes of Cher, Janet Jackson, Stanley Clarke, Chris Botti and Bishop TD Jakes.

    On game day (and whenever his favorite sport is the topic!)…

    He is…The Football Whisperer; a supreme gridiron aficionada who passionately shares his knowledge on the greatest sport in the world; football! A son of the great state of Texas he is the leader of The Whisperer Nation, a legion of diehard football followers who are often referred to as “the disciples”. Dutiful, steadfast and ever-resilient, over the course of time they have come to believe that when it comes to football his word is the only one that counts…smart move.

    No matter the position, conference, division or team, his reach knows no bounds. He is hope personified, an immovable object and an unstoppable force…all at the same time…he is The Football Whisperer…and together…We ARE The Whisperer Nation!

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