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Demeka Allen

Demeka Allen grew up in McKinney, Texas, and graduated from McKinney High School (where she felt she never quite fit in). She went on to pursue a Bachelors in Communications at Texas Woman’s University, (where she didn’t fit in either). Ultimately, she completed her degree with American Broadcasting School, (where she finally started to feel like she fit in). Demeka interned for KKVI 89.9FM before landing a career Healthcare; where she has been for the last 12 years. Because one degree is not enough, she is working to complete a degree in Nursing, where she will add BSN to the end of her name in Summer 2017.

Demeka wants to live in a world filled with genuine love, books that come bundled with cheesecake, and a force field around her that repels a personal trainer, and four loving; yet demanding, sticky-fingered children. When Demeka is not helping others, she likes running around barefoot, or is answering the question “Why?” for the eleventy-bajillionth time.

Despite all of life’s challenges, she has found her way back to her first love by pushing through with faith, and the mantra, “I Can! I Will! I Did!”, given to her by a dear friend. Finally, the opportunity presented itself, and she decided to “Jump In” here at Fishbowl Radio Network!

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