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BTE Radio

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Thursday 9PM - 10PM


Brandon Taylor

Brandon T-T. One half of BTE Radio here on Fishbowl Radio Network. Better known as BT, The kid with the Boyish Voice. Was always told since the age of 8 his voice would be the key to his success. Most people have favorite recording artist but this young man has a collection of his favorite radio jocks. BT has been shadowing Jkruz from 97.9 the beat, where he’s Learning the ins and outs of the Radio Buisness and life as a jock. Up and coming in hosting clubs, Constantly working on his craft expect This kid to be next up on FM Stations.

DJ Ekow..Ekow..Ekow. Has been tearing up the club scene and private events for the last 5 years. Working With Co-ed, Ekow made a name for himself and met and began working with BT now the rest is history. Being a student at University of North Texas, Ekow is constantly turning up The Denton scene. When you see him tell him “Spin Dat”.

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