Biblical Truths & People Today

Biblical Truths & People Today

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Friday 7PM - 9PM


  • Marcus Thompson
  • Linda Thompson

  • Biblical Truths & People Today, is a show that was birthed by the True and Living God, Yahweh himself. The goal of this show is to answer questions about the Bible that you always wanted to know. Yahweh called Pastor Marcus Thompson and Co-Pastor Linda Thompson to host this show to teach and bring back his Biblical Truths and how it is applicable to us today. Biblical Truths and People Today is a show that is based on the Truth of the Bible focusing on the Old & New Testament. They are very passionate about studying the Bible. They bring clarity and Truth to Religion and Tradition, where it all originated from and whether it is biblically based or not. Their show and ministry is based on the 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study and show thyself approved unto him a workman that need not be ashamed, correctly dividing the word of truth.” Join their show and learn how to really study the Bible. They talk about everything Biblically and Historically from Genesis to Revelation.


    Pastor Marcus Thompson and Co-Pastor Linda Thompson have 2 other Ministries. They teach a weekly bible study at Yahweh’s Ministries every Saturday from 4pm-6pm in Arlington Texas, and they also have an Outreach Ministry for people in need, called Widows, Orphans and the Poor Outreach for Yahweh. James 1:27 : “…they are the helping hand in the community.”

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